Scottish Government proposes Holiday Let rule change

A step in the right direction

Scottish Tourism supports thousands of jobs though small businesses across the country. Families are booking their summer holidays now, they need to  know that Scottish short-term let tourism is open for business & ready to give them a fantastic holiday. The UK Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA)  is working with the Scottish Government to support tourism & ensure fair, proportionate regulations. The new SSI is a step in the right direction.

The STAA welcomes the Scottish Government’s efforts to collaborate with us on recent amendments to tourism regulations. While we offer qualified approval of the new Statutory Instrument (SSI), we are calling for further improvements to the licensing scheme and look forward to working constructively to help make them happen. As a part of our ongoing conversation with Ministers the STAA has been asked to submit formal consultation responses which have been sent to government.

These amendments address some overly restrictive aspects of the previous regulations, offering a more balanced approach. Our members are committed to regulation that ensures the security of their businesses and the safety of their guests, but it is essential that these regulations remain fair and proportionate. The Scottish Government’s willingness to work closely with the industry is a positive step towards achieving this balance.

One significant amendment is the introduction of licensing exceptions for up to six weeks a year. This change will greatly enhance Scotland’s ability to host world-class events like the Edinburgh Festival and Glasgow’s COP. During the summer high season, when international tourists flock to Scotland, certain destinations require significantly more accommodation than at other times of the year. This adjustment acknowledges the crucial role holiday lets play in sustaining Scotland’s reputation as a premier tourist destination.

Now is the time for us to work together to bolster Scottish tourism. We look forward to continued collaboration with The Housing Minister Paul McLennan MSP, his colleagues in business, tourism and the Scottish Government. Our goal is to develop a regulatory framework that supports both businesses and communities, and fully recognizes the holiday let sector’s vital contribution to the Scottish economy.

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